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Xi'an Travel Guide

Terracotta Army
Terracotta Army
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Xi'an, located in central-northwest China, records the great changes of the country just like a living history book. Called Chang'an (meaning the eternal city) in ancient times, it is one of the birthplaces of the ancient Chinese civilization in the Yellow River Basin area. As the eastern terminal of the Silk Road and the site of the famous Terracotta Warriors of the Qin Dynasty, the city has won a reputation all over the world. More than 3,000 years of history including over 1,100 years as the capital city of ancient dynasties, have endowed the city with an amazing historical heritage. Travelers marvel at the numerous historical sites and cultural relics in the city.
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Known as the leading city of China's Western Development Drive Program since 1990s, Xi'an is an important economic, cultural, industrial and educational center of the central-northwest region, providing visitors with modern and convenient facilities.
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Tour Planning

Practical tips and suggestions are offered in this part for visitors' better experience in this city. You may be interested in the following topics:
Xi'an is one of the most important and convenient transportation hubs in central and western China. Frequent flights, trains and buses connect the city with other major cities all around the country. The urban transportation of the city has been somewhat frustrating in recent years because of the metro construction. Now metro line 1, line 2, line 3, line 4, line 5, line 6, line 9, line 14 and Airport Line are in operation. Several other lines are also under construction or in the planning process. For now the buses and taxis can take you to get around the city.

Best Time to Visit
Yang Rou Pao Mo in Xi'an
Praised as 'the capital of table delicacies', Xi'an has been rich in delicious local snacks such as the must-try Crumbled Flatbread in Mutton Stew (Yangrou Paomo), Cold Noodles (Liang Pi) and Shaanxi Sandwich (Rou Jia Mo), travelers can also find delicate Guangdong dishes, popular Sichuan food and various kinds of fashionable foreign delicacies.

Shopping at Xi'an Shuyuanmen
Curio and craftwork is a feature of shopping in this city and of course an attraction for visitors. The Ancient Cultural Street of Shuyuanmen and Antique Market are recommended for buying souvenirs such as the Tang tri-colored glazed pottery, replicas of Terracotta warriors, as well as folk handicrafts of paper-cut and shadow puppet. Also there are many modern shopping outlets, including big shopping centers, department stores and supermarkets in and around the city - the biggest and most comprehensive being Kai Yuan Shopping Mall and Century Ginwa Shopping Mall.

Xi'an Nightlife
The night life in this ancient city has a unique glamour. Travelers can enjoy the night scenery around the Bell Tower, stroll around the ancient Giant Wild Goose Pagoda and view the music and light fountain performance on the north square under the pagoda, as well as watch a Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show or a show of the local Shaanxi Opera (Qin Qiang). For the party-loving owls, more modern and fashionable hangouts are available, including the various karaoke bars, discos and nightclubs. 

 9 Best Night Markets

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Questions & Answers on Xi'an Travel
Asked by Ple from THAILAND | May. 21, 2023 13:16Reply
Arrived at Xi'an airport almost midnight traveling alone. Is there a car to go to the bell tower?
Answers (1)
Answered by Andy | May. 23, 2023 01:46

Yes, in fact, there are a lot of taxis available at that time and generally it takes around CNY 130-150.
Asked by Swee from SINGAPORE | May. 07, 2023 17:12Reply
Xi'an to Huashan Day Trip.
I’m a Singaporean travelling independently to Xi'an in Sept 2023.
Is it possible to do a Xi'an to Huashan in one day?
I will take the train leaving Xi'an North 07.52 AM & arriving Huashan (Shaanxi) North at 0820hrs.
For return trip, I want to take the Huashan train, around 7.30pm to 8.30pm, back to Xi'an on the same day.
What is the quickest way to see Huashan so I am able to do this trip in one day.
Thank you. Swee.
Answers (2)
Answered by Jenny | May. 07, 2023 23:35

Well, your time is very limited and you can try to go up the West Peak by cable car and go down the North Peak by cable car. This is almost the quickest way but you may not have enough time to queue up for some classic sights like Changkong Plank Road and Yaozi Fansheng Road.
Answered by Swee | May. 08, 2023 04:45

Thanks Jenny.
Based on your suggestion, I may stay an extra day in Huashan area so I can enjoy all the sights of Mt Huashan.
Much appreciated.
Asked by Jeff Musick from CHINA | Jul. 08, 2021 03:27Reply
Looking for how to track Terra Cotta Soldier tickets. Tracking No. K210624003
Answers (1)
Answered by Fiona from CANADA | Jul. 12, 2021 01:19

You need to contact the saler to ask about it.
Asked by Aleksandra from SPAIN | Jun. 20, 2021 21:03Reply
Does older than 65 pay tickets to enter museums in Xi'an?
Answers (1)
Answered by Layla from USA | Jun. 28, 2021 00:50

As I know, the preferential policy only apply for Chinese citizens.
Asked by Thom from USA | Oct. 17, 2020 23:23Reply
Is address valid
Address: No. 666, Eurasia avenue, ecological district, weiyang district  ou ya guo ji building B-309




Zip code :710006

Answers (1)
Answered by Taylor | Oct. 25, 2020 23:55

Yes, the address is valid. Don't worry.
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