China Visa

China Visa

 China has resumed issuing all types of visas since March 15, 2023, including tourist visas and Shenzhen Visa on Arrival. The long-term 5-year or 10-year visas suspended because of covid-19 have also been resumed on the same day.

China Visa Types

  • Tourist (L) Issued to aliens who are going to PRC for tourism.
  • Business (M) Issued to aliens who are going to PRC for business and trade activities.
  • Student (X) Issued to aliens who are going for study, furthering studies.
  • Work (Z) Issued to aliens who are going for a post or employment.
  • Transit (G) Issued to aliens who are going to a third country in transit of PRC.
  • Private Visit (S) Issued to family members of foreigners residing in China for work, study, etc.
  • Family Reunion (Q) Issued to relatives of Chinese citizens or foreigners with permanent residence permit residing in PRC.
  • Noncommercial Visit (F) Issued to aliens who are invited to a lecture, scientific-technological & cultural exchanges, study tours, etc.
  • Talent (R) Issued to high-level personnel and much-needed highly talented people.
  • Crew (C) Issued to crewmembers involving international-based transportation by trains, airway and ships and their accompanying family members.
  • Resident (D) Issued to aliens who are going to reside permanently in PRC.
  • Journalist (J-1, J-2) Issued to foreign journalists for the purpose of reporting from PRC.


Do you need a visa to travel to China?

If holding an ordinary passport, you need to apply for a visa for China unless you are covered by China’s visa exemption policy, such as the 24/72/144 hours visa free transit schemes, Hainan 30-day visa-free access, visa exemption for tour groups meeting certain requirements, and visa-free entry for holders of APEC Business Travel Card. It’s worth mention that nationals of countries which have reached mutual visa-exemption agreements with China, like Singapore, Brunei, Japan, Qatar and Armenia, can also enjoy free entry to China. Those who hold a Chinese Temporary Residence Permit don’t need a visa for China either within the Residence Permit’s validity.

How to apply a visa for China

 Step 1: Fill in China visa application form online, print it out and sign it. Remember to choose the Chinese embassy or consulate, or Chinese Visa Application Centers (CVASC) in charge of your residence district. 

 Step 2: Collect other required documents.

 Step 3: Make an appoinment online for visa application submission with Chinese embassy or consulate, or CVASC in charge of your residence district.

 Step 4: Visit the Chinese embassy or consulate or CVASC at the appinted time, submit your application and pay the fee. You will then be given a pick-up slip. The visa fee in some countries are paid when collecting the visa. 

 Step 5: Collect your passport and visa on the date shown on the pick-up slip. If you use mail service, just wait for your mail.

China Embassies

Chinese Embassy in Washington DC, USA
Chinese Embassy in Ottawa, Canada
Chinese Embassy in London, UK
Chinese Embassy in Canberra, Australia
Chinese Embassy in Wellington, New Zealand
 More Chinese Embassies and Consulates
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Questions & Answers on China Visa
Asked by Jan Hendrik Schweizer Pretorius from UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Aug. 22, 2023 18:37Reply
If I fly from Beijing to Hong Kong does that deemed me as I have exited China
Answers (1)
Answered by Andy | Aug. 22, 2023 22:38

Yes, your understanding is right.
Asked by Amie from USA | Aug. 15, 2023 13:52Reply
Chinese Visa Renewal or not?
Hello! I have a current 10 year visa for China on my old passport. I subsequently had to get a new passport but my Visa is attached to my old one. When traveling, do I need to carry both passports and can I just renew or get a new Visa on my new passport?
Answers (1)
Answered by Andrew | Aug. 15, 2023 23:11

Just take both of the two passports and you can enter China without any problem.
Asked by Phoebe from UNITED KINGDOM | Aug. 14, 2023 20:03Reply
UK Passport for Visa on Arrival at Huanggang Port
Is it easy to be granted a visa on arrival at the Huanggang Port using the UK passport? I've only been granted a 24hr visa-free transit before when I was flying through China, would this be taken into consideration? (not quite a previous visa I guess)
Answers (1)
Answered by Edward | Aug. 15, 2023 00:41

Hi, there is no problem for UK passport holders to get a 5-day visa on arrival. The only question is you have to get there as early as possible or you may face a long queue.
Asked by Safdhar from SRI LANKA | Aug. 08, 2023 11:17Reply
Applying X1 and S1 visa at the same time for husband and wife.
My wife will be leaving for China in September to pursue her Bachelors Degree. She wants me to come with her and stay in China throughout the study period.

When she applies for X1 visa, can I apply for S1 visa with her at the same time?

The embassy website says that to obtain an S1 visa, an applicant should have an invitation letter. In this case, I do not have an invitation letter as she has not started her studies yet.

Can we both apply at the same time for X1 visa and S1 visa and leave for China on the same date?
Answers (1)
Answered by Alex | Aug. 09, 2023 01:14

Yes, it's possible for you to get the visa at the same time. Just submit the application together, including the invitation letter from your wife. Good luck~
Asked by Tom from ENGLAND | Aug. 03, 2023 04:13Reply
day trip to Mainland China from HK
U.K. national with valid passport requirements. U.K. to Hong Kong requires no visa etc for tourism. Arrive on Sunday fly back Tuesday.
I want to go to Guanzhou and back again the same day. Less than 24hrs. Do i qualify for the 24hr transit free visa?
Because HK is China but treated differently.
Answers (1)
Answered by Andrew | Aug. 03, 2023 20:48

24-hour visa-free transit is only eligible for a transit, but your trip from HK to Guangzhou and then back to HK is a return journey, so you are not eligible for this.
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