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 Asked by Mr. Russ(China)
I'm Canadian and have been married to a Chinese lady got two years. We got married and we now both live here. What is the procedure for me to qualify for a long term (5 year) permament visa if I plan to stay longer here? I have now been living here for more than four years.

 Answered by Mr.Charles
It is very difficult to get a permanent visa. Please read the Regulations on Permanent Residence of Aliens on the website, then you know the regulations are so strict and rigorous.

  Asked by Ms. Lily(USA)
Hi, I'm a US passport holder. My 1 year Chinese Visa will expire soon, but I need to stay longer for another five days. I don't think I'll have time to renew it prior to my trip.
So my question here is, can I extend or renew it while in Beijing? I thank you in advance for your prompt response.

 Answered by Mrs. Lorna(USA)
Yes, you can extend the duration of your visa at the Exit & Enter Department of Beijing Public Security Bureau before it expires.

  Asked by Ms. Marja(AUSTRALIA)
I am a German passport holder with a working visa for Australia, wishing to travel soon - is it possible for me to obtain a visa from one of the consulates in Australia (or possibly new Zealand, as I may be traveling here in the next few months)?? Thanks :)

 Answered by Mr. Mac
Yes, you can apply from one Chinese consulate in Australia which is near to you because you hold Australian work visa which permits you stay in Australia for a long time. If you apply in New Zealand, you maybe can't get it because you just a temporary visitors to New Zealand. Please bear in mind that single entry tourist L is only valid for 3 months, please don't apply for it too early.

- Last updated on May. 25, 2023 -
Questions & Answers on Chinese Embassies and Consulates
Asked by Fatoumata from GABON | Aug. 22, 2023 04:09Reply
My son is an international student studying in China and graduating soon and I plan on coming to the graduation but confused as to which visa to apply for, Tourist visa? Or the L visit visa?
Answers (1)
Answered by Emma | Aug. 22, 2023 19:13

You can apply for a normal tourist visa and it is also called L visa. They are the same.
Asked by BNY from GERMANY | Aug. 21, 2023 13:00Reply
Visa on arrival for just one day
Hi, I plan a daytrip to Shenzhen from HK and want to make use of the visa on arrival

1. Have the ports fully resumed to issue the visa on arrival
2. Is it possible to enter Shenzhen for just one day without showing a hotel confirmation?

Answers (3)
Answered by Cathy | Aug. 21, 2023 22:36

1. Yes, the VOA has been resumed. But there is often a long queue a the VOA counter.
2. Hotel confirmation is not required when applying for VOA.
Answered by BNY | Aug. 22, 2023 04:55

A Chinese address isn’t mandatory to indicate either? I could use the one in HK
Answered by Cathy | Aug. 22, 2023 17:52

Generally, it isn't.
Asked by MAOUHOUB MOUAD from MOROCCO | Aug. 20, 2023 06:34Reply
Answers (1)
Answered by Bruce | Aug. 20, 2023 19:23

I'm not very clear what you are saying. You can fill in the application form and make an appointment to lodge the submission. Once submitted, it takes only 4 working days or even less if you use rush service to process it.
Asked by AJ from NEW ZEALAND | Aug. 19, 2023 20:51Reply
Dual US/NZ citizen residing in NZ wanting to apply for China visa as a tourist in London or Taipei
NZ/US dual citizen residing in New Zealand (NZ). As traveling to London (LHR) next week there isn't time to get a visa before leaving NZ. Want to visit Shenzhen (HK & Macau Sep 22 for 4-10 days) and I probably will book a flight to Hong Kong (rather than Shenzhen) as I believe it is possible to get a visa on arrival there.

Option 1
Question 1. Does London (Chinese Visa Application Service Center) allow visitors to UK to apply for a visa? I only see mention of people with UK work or study visa or residence permit listed on the website (nothing about visitors ).

Question 2. If allowed to apply, would I have time to get a visa? I arrive at LHR on Tu Aug 29 at 11:10 am and leave in meetings Sep 4 and leave LHR Tu Sep 5 at 12:15 pm (so would need to pick up my passports on F Sep 2). Is it possible to 1) submit the application on Sep 29th, 2) make an appointment for Sep 30th to drop off the application, and 3) pick up the passports on F Sep 2nd?

Option 2
Question 1. After London I will be in Taipei Sep 11-22 (and available to go to visa appointments Sep 11-16 and Sep 22 in the morning. Again can a person who is a visitor in Taiwan apply for a Chinese visa in Taiwan?

Question 2. And do I have enough time to do so \? Thank you for any advice.

Option 3
Question 1. Could I fly from Taipei to Shenzhen and get a visa on arrival? I would probably need multiple entry as I might need to go to Hong Kong/Macau.

Question 2. I'd also probably want multiple entry visas for Hong Kong/Macau as I don't know what my schedule will be, yet.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
Answers (3)
Answered by Bruce | Aug. 20, 2023 19:21

Option 1: The success rate is very low if one is only a visitor there.
Option 2: There is no China Visa Application Service Center in Taiwan. The agencies usually send the application to HK to process it, so it is even more time consuming.
Option 3: Yes, you can get a VOA at Shenzhen airport. But only single-entry is available. When you visit Shenzhen again from HK/Macau, you need to apply for another one. It costs CNY168.

BTW, the route Taipei - Shenzhen - HK/Macau is eligible for 144-hour visa free transit; but you need to show the ticket leaving Shenzhen when applying for it at Shenzhen airport. There is no visa fee for it.

You don't need to apply for HK or Macau visa. US or New Zealand passport holders can stay in HK visa-free for up to 90 days and in Macau for up to 30 days.
Answered by AJ | Aug. 21, 2023 03:57

Thank you for your very helpful reply. Could I fly to Hong Kong arriving from Taipei Sep 22 and leaving Sep 26 for Auckland. Is it possible for a NZ or US passport holder to enter Shenzhen on a 5 day visa (Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Tourist Visa)? If so, is Luohu Port the best place to enter and how do I find out if the visa office will be open? I tried calling HK Immigration (no one answered) and Luohu Port (they didn't speak English). Again, many thanks!
Answered by Bruce | Aug. 21, 2023 18:03

Yes, it's very possible for you to get Shenzhen VOA using either of your passport. But Luohu Port is quite busy and there is always a long queue at the VOA counter. If possible, I recommend you to use Shekou Ferry Port, where there are less applicants. Both the immigration offices open from 09:00 to 16:30 and you'd better go early enough as the queue, especially at Luohu, usually forms around 08:30.
Asked by Momo from JAPAN | Aug. 18, 2023 03:20Reply
144 hours transit visa exemption
Hello, I’m going to visit Russia through Guangzhou Baiyun Airport in this summer.

Am I entitled to 144 hours visa-free?
And should I stay inside airside zone during being at Chinese airport?
I mean, I want to know if I shouldn’t go through immigration procedure or not

8/31 Japan - Guangzhou
(About 18 hours transit)
9/1 Guangzhou - Russia

9/10 Russia - Beijing Daxin Airport
(About 8 hours transit)
9/11 Beijing - Japan
Answers (1)
Answered by Bonnie | Aug. 20, 2023 20:01

Don't worry. Since both your transit time is less than 24 hours, you are eligible for 24-hour visa free transit. If you want to leave the airport, go to the 24/144-hour visa-free counter to apply for a temporary stay permit.
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